Summer 2021 @ UUSGS

“We hope you find this congregation to be a place that helps you 
to find and keep your balance.”

We’re trying something a bit different this year, given the year we all just had.  We’re giving some of our folks – especially our leadership – some time off in July… treating it as a sabbath, a time set aside for rest.  We’re putting down the “work” of the congregation and focusing on opportunities for fellowship.  Not only is this a well-earned, caring act toward those who serve this congregation’s shared ministry, it also will give us the space we need to be able to imagine and create new ways of being together in the Fall.

To read more about our approach this Summer (and beyond), click here.

Up-to-date event listings throughout the summer can be found on our web calendar.  Highlights include:

  • Laid back, BYO-everything picnics – Sundays @ noon @ UUSGS
  • Online connection opportunities & small group ministry
  • An outdoor concert with Verne McArthur, July 11th at 11AM

For families, click here for a message from Director of Family Ministry Darcie Farber, including some fun, all-ages activities!

Check back for updates about summer programming!  Stay cool!