Drawing the Circle Wide… with Help from C & H Architects

The Chalice Lighter Leadership Team is excited to introduce you to C&H Architects, an important new partner in our “Drawing the Circle Wide” capital campaign.

As you can imagine, finding the right architecture firm to help us align our physical space with our congregation’s core values was a critical step in our journey. Thankfully, we were greatly aided in our search by an architectural industry leader and UUSGS member, Kerry Dietz. After interviewing a select list of firms, we were delighted to recommend that the Board of Trustees hire C&H, an Amherst-based leader in green design and sustainable building practices for over 30 years. 

C&H is currently translating our congregation’s ideas and hopes for upgrading our facilities into more concrete detail (e.g. scope of work, color renderings, cost estimates).  We invite you to learn more about the talented C&H team by viewing their proposal here: http://online.fliphtml5.com/veywl/feqq/

Inside the proposal, you will see inspiring examples of how they have helped communities like ours revitalize beloved institutions to better serve their goals for generations to come. You will also get a feel for the unique culture of the C&H team and how well it fits with UUSGS. As C&H Principal, Tom Hartman, put it: 

“We laugh a lot. Construction can be difficult. It’s important for us to build relationships with good people doing good work. We develop those relationships with our clients, consultants, contractors and vendors. There’s always time to enjoy meaningful work and have fun.”

We are excited to work with C&H to visualize a spiritual home that truly embodies our core values: a home that welcomes and provides safe, equal access to all and that shines brightly in the wider community.