High school is a time full of transitions and identity-building.  In terms of faith formation, this is when we encourage youth to put their faith into action.  Up until now – and culminating in a Coming of Age rite of passage – religious education has been geared to helping young people explore and articulate their own beliefs.  Now, it is time to put those beliefs into practice…

Youth Group: Living Faith Together (9th – 12th grade)

Our youth group programming is grounded in the hopes and needs that youth and young adults, themselves, articulate as they move through their transitions. The UUSGS youth program is fluid and changes as the needs of our youth change.  Constant however is the affirming and supportive community created when our youth get together.  The Youth Group  attends service together monthly and meets regularly on Sunday mornings throughout the year. The group is coordinated by staff Youth Advisor Tara Parrish who works with volunteer adult assistants to support the youth with goal setting, organization, community networking, and positive communication and relationship building.

This year the youth group has chosen to focus on themes: Migration, Food Security, Homelessness, and Environmental Justice. Together, they will be exploring these local and global issues through discussion and reflection, activities that make an impact, building partnerships, guest speakers, and the arts. They will guide this process by asking themselves the following questions: How will we take our beliefs into the world? How can we use our voices for justice and demonstrate compassion and express creativity that builds community?  What resources do we need in order to live boldly and authentically?  How might we find and seek balance through all of the up’s and down’s of life?


The youth group at UUSGS is a source of energy, creativity and collaboration for the whole congregation.  For more information about the UUSGS Youth Group, please contact Youth Advisor Tara Parrish or Director of Religious Education Darcie Farber.