Update on Congregational Connections…

Hello, good people!

So, our first Sunday online was an immediate success in some ways and a learning process in others. Just about as we’d expected.  
On the success front, we had over 50 people online and connecting with one another on Facebook Live. What an awesome indication of the care and resilience of this community!  We may be ‘socially distancing’ ourselves, but we are never apart!  Another success was evident in the human pieces that moved together to make Sunday morning happen.  Big thanks to the skeleton crew who came together – though not TOO together – to make it all possible: Elisabeth, Darcie, Denise, Jon Todd & Ed Hernandez, and Eric & Tommy from Phantom Sheep.  Way to pull together! (Just not TOO together…)

On the learning front, we learned that our current connectivity in the sanctuary is inadequate. (No surprise to many of us!!) So, today I upgraded our internet service overall, which will bring at least 8 times better download speeds and 4 times better upload speeds. Not only will this improve virtual broadcasts and meetings in the short-term, it will also provide better connectivity when we resume our in-person gatherings.  I have also added Darcie Farber, Director of Family Ministry, as a host on our Zoom corporate account.  Zoom is a teleconferencing vendor that will allow us to host some small group meetings online.  Stay posted for invitations from both Darcie and me – and others, especially as we all get up to speed technologically – about ways to remain connected when we can’t be together physically.  (FYI – The UUSGS Board of Trustees has used Zoom with some success in the past, most recently when a snowstorm prevented an important meeting from occurring in-person.)

As I’ve said before and I’ll say again: this is a human endeavor, and we make this path by walking it together.  If we’re really honest, our task as a covenanted community is always this way; we only forget sometimes and assume things will always continue as they were.  But like our internet service, sometimes things require an update to stay relevant in a changing world.  Here’s to us meeting those needs… faithfully, patiently, and together.  (Just not TOO together…)

Know that you are prayerfully in my heart.

Love, always…

Rev. Jason Seymour