We support the arts – as individuals and as an institution.  Liberal religion has a vested interest in the arts because art is about liberation… and liberal religion suggests that truth is not only found in ancient sources but also in the hearts and minds of people today.  If within every person is a spark of the Divine… then the arts are a great vehicle for letting that light loose.

So… not only are the arts enjoyable… not only do the arts teach us and inspire us… the arts are also vehicles for getting the truth that is inside each and every person OUT.

Imagine a stained glass window.  Imagine every person on Earth is a pane of glass.  Imagine the beautiful mosaic – so rich in color and beauty – as every unique individual is shone through.  Radiant beings are we.  Radiant, and connected.

UUSGS does several things to promote the arts locally.  Here are a few examples of current programs:

Choirs:  UUSGS is a singing congregation!  The adult choir has approximately 35 members and sings for Sunday services about every other week.  The congregation also supports a middle school choir, a children’s choir, and a music class for toddlers.

Unity House Concerts:  UUSGS has hosted top-quality folks concerts for 30 years.  For much of that time the concert series was called uNi Coffeehouse and was coordinated by local icons Ed & Beth Brown.  Two years ago, Ed and Beth stepped back and the program was re-launched under the Unity House name.  Now coordinated by UUSGS member and folk blogger Joshua Farber (of Cover Lay Down), the series hosts a number of new and up-and-coming artists from the ever-diversifying folk scene.  Sometimes, artists even participate in our services the following day!

Unity House Players:  UUSGS is proud to host award-winning community theater, with a new major musical production each May.  Unity House Players draws top local talent from a diversity of backgrounds, ages and experience levels.

Organ: UUSGS is privileged to have in our sanctuary a 1935 Aeolian-Skinner organ… an instrument of historical and musical significance.  The organ is played regularly on Sundays and on special occasions through the year.

Murals: In 2014, UUSGS commissioned a local graffiti artist to paint two large wall murals inside our facility.  One hangs over our main social hall; the other adorns the wall of our children’s chapel space.

Art installations:  UUSGS is currently preparing to host art exhibits in our main hall.  Our mid-century modern building is a great venue for photography and other visual art.  Space will soon be available to host the first of what we hope will be many rotating exhibits.

Other groups, artists and instrumentalists:  UUSGS is home to a bevy of creative souls.  We have a female a cappella group called MaCappela.  We have the beginnings of an intergenerational trombone choir that includes our minister.  And we welcome a number of individual