Sundays move online during closure…

Dear friends…

By now, hopefully you have seen the notice that went out from UUSGS on Thursday. ( Hopefully, you are also making adjustments to your normal routines to keep yourselves, your loved ones, and your neighbors safe and healthy.  I loved what I read recently that described the actions communities like ours have taken – of closing doors and suspending meetings – not only as scary losses but also as acts of deep solidarity.  Together, we can “flatten the curve” and hopefully save some lives by doing so.  So, personally, I want to thank you for all you are doing to practice what experts are calling “social distancing.”

Social distancing isn’t easy.  And it certainly isn’t the norm at UUSGS.  We believe that coming together makes us stronger; in this case coming together physically has the opposite effect.  But that doesn’t mean we still can’t come together in other ways.  As I wrote to you last week, social distancing doesn’t have to mean isolation.

Here at UUSGS, we’re looking at some innovative ways to keep in touch.  I’m working with our Beacons, and you will likely hear from them next week just to check in.  Darcie and I are exploring videoconferencing as a way to come together, a format that can work well for adults, and even all these kids that are now out of school for a bit.  And, starting this Sunday, we’ll be offering a service (of sorts) online.

Here is what you need to know for Sunday:

  • We’re going to try using Facebook Live to broadcast our gathering.  Facebook Live is free to watch and also provides some neat opportunities for interactions.  The feed will be on our UUSGS Facebook page:
  • We will gather at 10AM for a Q&A with me and Jon Todd, President of the UUSGS Board of Trustees.  This will be a time to talk logistics and to ask any questions you may have about UUSGS’ ongoing response.
  • A short, informal worship service will begin at 10:30AM.  This is a time to come together, center some shared concerns, and hear some lovely music.  All are welcome, of course!
  • What you need for Sunday:
  • If you have a submission for our Embracing Meditation, please try to submit it in advance to me (  There will be opportunity for interaction during the service, but we aren’t sure how the whole thing will work, so advance notice is preferable.
  • If you have a candle at home that you would like to light during our chalice lighting, that would be great.  You can even post pictures of your home chalice into the comments thread, if you’d like.
  • Patience!  This is really our first effort at such a thing, so please be patient and amplify the goodwill around the whole shared gesture.

I think that’s it for now.  I hope to see many of you online in the morning.  Rest assured that we will move through this together… even when we have to be together in different ways.

Love, from my heart and home to yours…

Rev. Jason