Spirit Map is here!!!

Perhaps you heard about it on Sunday. Perhaps you’ve read about it in our communications. Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard anything about it. Whatever – it’s all good!    Good news:  Spirit Map is here!

Click the logo above to begin your 2018 Spirit Map survey!
Survey closes 2/11!

“What is Spirit Map?” you may be asking. Spirit Map is a survey tool designed by UU’s in St. Paul, MN; it has two primary goals. The first goal is to inform programming and ministry decisions at UUSGS. In short, SpiritMap helps us to ask of ourselves: are we as a community making the difference in people’s lives that we hope to be making? UUSGS is a vibrant, growing community… which is great! But we also face important collective decisions about how we will grow, in what direction(s) and with what priorities. SpiritMap will help key leaders at UUSGS know which existing programs are having the most impact, and where opportunities exist in the shared ministry we offer to one another and to our wider community.

The second goal of Spirit Map is designed specifically for you… to help you, as an individual, to develop along a spiritual path that is unique and customized for you. After you have completed the survey, you will be asked if you would like to receive an individualized report of your answers. Your report will include key strengths and key opportunities for spiritual growth and wellbeing. Your Spirit Map report is a great tool for self-reflection, or it can be a great basis for conversation with a spiritual director and/or Rev. Jason.

Participation in SpiritMap is free, and we are hoping for some really high participation! Each personalized report costs $30 (payable directly to Spirit Map, not UUSGS). However, we at UUSGS don’t want money to be a barrier, so we have set up a fund to help everyone who is interested to purchase their report. Please be in touch with Rev. Jason if the $30 fee is a hardship.

We’re really excited to be offering Spirit Map at UUSGS. This year’s results will inform our strategic planning process and will serve as a benchmark for future surveys. We expect to redistribute a SpiritMap survey every three years or so to see how we are doing over time.

We also want to be very clear: this isn’t about individual evaluation or judgement. Your results are your results. They will appear anonymously in the aggregated data, and your name will be attached to them only if you choose (for example, to receive your customized report). The survey team – which consists of volunteer UUSGS members, including a few data science professionals – has taken great care to ensure that all data is handled with the utmost respect and confidence. If you have questions at any time, Please feel free to be in touch.

Rock on!  And thank you in advance for your curiosity and participation!


The UUSGS Survey Team and Board of Trustees

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