Sunday celebrations & worship services are broadcast live – via Zoom and Facebook Live – every Sunday morning at 10:30.  Doing online services live like this is a deliberate choice, because we believe in the power of doing things together.  Frankly, doing things together is one of the things that we miss most in this time of physical distancing.

What does this mean?  It means that our services aren’t as “produced” as those of some other congregations.  It means that sometimes things go weird – a tech hiccup, a few minced words.  But, as Rev. Jason is fond of saying of shared ministry: “it’s a human endeavor!”  We’re not in the business of producing manicured web content.  Our task is to gather people together to call forth a Love from each of us that is bigger than all of us.  It is a gesture that demands authenticity more than perfection.  In face, we embrace imperfection as a part of authenticity.

So… below you will find some of our Sunday celebrations & worship services.  They are perfectly imperfect.  Like each of us.  Thank you for being a part of it!


January 31st, 2021:


October 4th, 2020:

September 27th, 2020:


September 20th, 2020:


From Rev. Jason:  “I’ve been wanting to do a sermon series like this for a while.  I’ve long been an admirer of Bryan Stevenson, and the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) – which Stevenson founded – is on everyone’s short list for donations these days.  Stevenson has laid out four steps to change the world (and our place in it): get proximate, change the narratives, stay hopeful, and be willing to do uncomfortable things.”

Sermon series dates:

      • 7/12 – Get Proximate
      • 7/19 – Change the Narratives
      • 7/26 – Stay Hopeful
      • 8/2 – Be Willing to Do Uncomfortable Things

July 12th, 2020:

July 19th, 2020:

July 26th, 2020:

August 2nd, 2020:


July 5th, 2020:

June 21st, 2020:

June 14th, 2020:

May 24th, 2020:



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