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UUSGS is a founding member of the Springfield Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition.  In early 2017, UUSGS joined with five other local congregations – with coordination from the Pioneer Valley Project – create a network of faith-based care for Springfield-area residents at risk of immigration injustice.





The Coalition went public in June of 2017:

An interfaith prayer service was held shortly thereafter (July 2017):

In March 2018, the sanctuary network welcomed a family:

An inspection of the network’s facilities, ordered by Springfield’s mayor, was conducted in April 2018:

Sanctuary work is ongoing.  South Congregational Church (UCC) in Springfield is a Level One congregation in the Coalition, meaning that they agree to physically host individuals/families.  The other supporting congregations (including UUSGS) are Level Two, meaning that we provide wrap-around support and solidarity.  Volunteers are coordinated internally.



UUSGS is one of many Unitarian Universalist congregations nationwide that are engaged in this work.  More information from the UUA here: and here:



May our common humanity shine through in this era of divisiveness and dehumanization.  May love indeed prevail.