UUSGS is a spiritual home to children and youth of all ages.  We believe that exploring and developing religious identity is a lifelong process.  Spiritual formation occurs in “normal” times… but maybe especially so when times are hard.  Kids are listening; they’re always learning.  At home, at school, playing sports, serving others, in the community, at play… spiritual formation is ongoing, everywhere.

Our Family Ministry program is developed intentionally to meet kids and families where they are, while also encouraging them to ask questions and build strong foundations and connections.  Our approach is less about top-down teaching and more about providing a healthy mix of nurture and challenge in a supportive environment.  You can’t force a plant to grow, but you can give it the best possible conditions to do so.

Recently, we moved much of our programming online via Padlet (linked here and shown below), with additional connection opportunities via Zoom (meet-up after worship on first Sundays) and an active presence – including the UUSGS Family Forum – on Facebook.

Click here for a one-pager (PDF) about Padlet and responsible use at UUSGS.

Made with Padlet

Questions?  Comments?  Director of Family Ministry Darcie Farber (Darcie@UUSpringfield.org) is happy to hear from you.

Across all of our programs and in all of our interactions, we prioritize keeping our kids safe.  View our Safe Congregation policy here.