Music is a vital part of worship & community life at UUSGS.  Music is one of many avenues to liberation, self-expression, and collaboration… values that we espouse deeply as a religious community.  Many of our services feature choral music of some kind, sometimes instrumental music, and almost always some congregational singing.  We embrace both ancient and modern voices, classical and contemporary styles.

The UUSGS Choir is really something special.  We’re a medium-sized congregation with a choir that would make many large congregations jealous.  The adult choir currently includes about 35 people of varying levels of experience who sing in services usually twice a month.  The choir is directed by Elisabeth Weber, Director of Music.  Elisabeth is a classically trained organist with a passion for community theater… which means she knows what she is doing but also that she is comfortable and enthusiastic working with people of diverse levels of ability and experience.  For Elisabeth, it is all about loving music and growing as a human being through making music together.  Anyone interested in joining our adult choir is invited to contact Elisabeth directly.

UUSGS also offers choral opportunity for children and youth.  Joyful Noise is our middle-school choir, and we also offer a Children’s Choir for grade-school kids.  Elisabeth directs these groups, as well.  Of course, we love it when anyone finds and uses their voice… but it is especially wonderful to see young people grow up in an environment that supports self-expression so fully.  To see the development of children in the music program has been a real blessing, not only for individual families but for the congregation as a whole.

Throughout the year, our sanctuary is often graced by special guest musicians – sometimes from the Unity House Concerts series – as well as several small groups, including a women’s a cappella group called MaCapella and a youth trombone choir.

Whatever your instrument, whether it be of brass or wood or voice… whether you’ve played for a lifetime or just a few minutes… whether you want to join a group or simply sing along softly with the congregation… no worries!  You’re invited to come & make music with us!