Fire It Up! – Ritual & Spring Donation Drive

Spring is a season of new beginnings, a time of letting go and making room for new growth.

Here at UUSGS, we often celebrate ‘letting go’ with the help of an ancient & elemental symbol: fire.  In the past, when gathering together in our sanctuary, we have come forward and made offerings to a common flame.  This year, we’re moving this ritual outside, similar to our other drive-thru communion-style services (like Water Communion, Flower Communion…).

In addition to the ritual, we’re collecting donations for four of our community partners.  More information about what to give – and to whom we are giving – can be found by clicking HERE (PDF).

IMPORTANT:  All participants will be expected to be masked and distanced.  We are also asking participants to please reserve a time slot in advance.  The entire exchange/ritual should take no more than ~5 minutes.  Drop-ins will be accommodated, but reservations help us to ensure that everyone stays safe and has a great experience.

The drive-thru will occur on Sunday, March 21st from 2-5PM, and Tuesday, March 23rd from 5-8PM.  Please CLICK HERE to reserve your time slot ASAP.  Questions about reservations can be sent to Darcie Farber.

Here what to expect when you arrive:

  • Drive in to the North entrance to the parking lot (245 Porter Lake Dr. in Springfield).
  • You will be greeted and checked in.  You will be given a piece of flash paper and a pen.  You will then be invited to write on your flash paper some expression of something you would like to let go, something from which you would like to be freed.  Looking ahead to a season of new growth ahead, what do you need to be free from in order to move forward?  (For families and folks attending as groups, we ask that do do this in dialog with those with whom you are attending.)
  • When you pull forward, you can drop off any donations you have brought with you.
  • When it is your turn, you will be greeted again by Rev. Jason and the worship staff.  You will then be invited to offer your paper to our common flame.  (If you prefer, we are happy to do this for you.  Just say the word!)
  • Each car will also receive a goodie bag with some seasonal fun inside.

That’s it!

**We will be taking video of this drive-thru event to package and share as a part of our online service on Easter morning.  If you would rather not be included in this way, please let us know when you arrive.