Hope Burns Bright! – ONLINE Worship

Event details

  • July 5, 2020
  • 10:30 am - 11:00 am

Click here for a recording of this Sunday’s service (YouTube).


Due to the public health crisis posed by the Coronavirus, we have moved all in-person gatherings online… including Sunday worship!

Full disclosure: this is new for us, and we are making the path by walking it together.  Each week, you will likely see something new.  Maybe a new voice or a new technology.  Some things will work; others may not.  Buy hey… that’s life!  The point of this moment together will remain: a time to proclaim with all the love in our hearts that we are stronger when we come together… that there is a strong, vibrant, inclusive community all around you holding you in sympathy and support… that there is still much to celebrate and uplift even in hard times… that how we live our lives matters deeply… and that all are loved.  All are loved!!

So… let love prevail!  All are invited to this ‘something new’ we are building together.  Those who are already dressed and those still in PJ’s.  Grab a beverage.  Gather the people you’re hunkering down with.  Grab a candle if you have one handy.  And let’s bring forth enough light so as to make ourselves into a beacon of love and hope!


We’re using Zoom (http://www.zoom.us) for much of our online programming.  Zoom allows us to create a variety of different spaces – from small groups, to webinars and public worship services – and even to do things like watch videos or enjoy a presentation together.  Zoom can be downloaded to your computer and/or to a portable device like a tablet or a phone.  You may want to do so in advance. Please feel free to be in touch with us as questions arise.  (Zoom can even allow us to share screens from afar, in case you need technical help!)