Love is the Spirit of this Congregation and Service is its Law.
This is our Covenant:
To Dwell Together in Peace,
To Seek Truth in Love,
And to Help One Another.”

Helping one another (and others!) is a big part of what we do at UUSGS.  We are pleased to offer care to members and friends that seeks to meet a variety of needs…

Our minister, Rev. Jason Seymour, is available for private counseling and to help people through any number of transitions: personal/spiritual, marriage & relationship, grief, financial & career, and more.  Pastoral contact is confidential.  You may contact Rev. Jason through the office, or by cell phone in emergencies.

Pastoral Care Associates are UUSGS members who meet with Rev. Jason regularly to coordinate ongoing visitation and care.  This is a great option for elderly, homebound and/or chronically ill people… as well as for people who are just going through a tough time.  Pastoral Care Associates receive training and support from Rev. Jason throughout the year.  Current Pastoral Care Associates are: Carolyn Bradley, Carolyn Hale, and Mary Ann O’Shea.

The UUSGS Caring Committee is active in providing varied forms of support to individuals and families.  The Caring Committee can coordinate short-term rides and meals; committee members regularly send cards and flowers, and they are currently coordinating a shawl ministry.

Every Sunday, our service includes an Embracing Meditation, a time of prayer and positive thought directed toward people who need it.  Should you like to be included in the Embracing Meditation, please contact Rev. Jason or fill out this online form.  All contact through the form goes only to Rev. Jason and is strictly confidential.

Should you find yourself in need of some care – and we all do, from time to time! – please reach out to Rev. Jason or a member of the Pastoral Care Associates or Caring Committee.  Any staff person can also help.  While we won’t promise to fix everything… we can offer companionship and hope in a time of need.