Bread for the Spirit is the name of our small-group ministry program.  Bread for the Spirit groups usually consist of 6-12 people who agree to meet monthly, often in a group member’s home.  Rev. Jason provides a discussion guide each month that gives structure to the sharing that occurs; the guide is connected with the monthly worship theme.  This allows participants to go more deeply into each monthly theme.

Reflection and dialog are important parts of small-group ministry… but maybe even more important is listening.  Paying attention to one another – really hearing one another in an affirming way – is a core practice.

If this sounds interesting to you… you are invited to contact Jackie Shanti, Coordinator of Congregational Life at UUSGS.  Jackie coordinates the Bread for the Spirit program and has up-to-date information on openings, meeting dates and locations.

Thanks for your interest… and as we like to say in Bread for the Spirit: always be in service of the dialog!