Appreciative Inquiry: Another Invitation…

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Video text:

Hi everybody! On Sunday, June 14 and July 12, the board invited folks to attend small group break out sessions after the service. This is how the board has been creating a congregational dialogue about how we want to be as a community during and after the life changing events that have been impacting our community.

Again, the board fully understands that a zoom break out into small groups does not work for everyone. Those with kids or those for whom Zoom just does not work in terms of connecting with others, we hear and see you! That’s why we included a link to the board’s newest open ended question in this message. Our next question that we posed on July 12 is: How are you keeping in touch with those you love? What is working for you? Are you gathering at a distance? What creative ways are you finding to stay connected?

This dialogue is informing our path forward through this time of change. Your answer to this particular question will help us understand how you feel about engaging in person, what that will look like and how we can serve one another and our community until that time comes.

This question has already helped the board understand where people are currently as they engage with loved ones. It is showing the board the ways in which you are comfortable interacting with one another. I am so thankful for the real, genuine, and frank answers some people gave in our live dialogue. Our small group break outs did not have the comfort of anonymity. Likewise, your response to this question by clicking on the link provided is not anonymous as we are using our membership database to share the board’s open-ended question and your demographic information already in Breeze will be attached to your response. I challenge you to lean into the exact same situation our live participants found themselves in as they spoke about their lives. Please know that all information said within the live small groups is kept confidential within the board of trustees and we will treat any electronic submissions the same way.

So take a few moments when you can to complete this one open ended question. Again, this is the first of more questions to come. If you couldn’t join us on the June 14 or July 12 or if you were able to join us and want to share more, please do! Thank you for adding your voice to this important conversation!

The next time the board will host live break out sessions after the service will be in mid August so be on the look out for that date. We can’t wait to see the many faces of our congregation again and until then, stay safe and balanced and reach out if you need anything the board, Revered Jason, the staff, and your beacon are here for ya.

Love y’all!