A Ministry of Generosity…

Last year, UUSGS gave away approximately $20,000 through our weekly Offering plate collection.  While there were calls to keep more of it for ourselves this year – understandable given a pandemic, economic uncertainty, and so on – we did the opposite: we gave away 100% of the “plate.”

The result?  This year, we will give away well over $30,000 to partner organizations, like the NAACP, the Highlander Center, the UUA Disaster Relief Fund, the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, and dozens of other partners nominated by our members.

Put plainly: ours is a ministry of generosity.  We show up.  As need has increased, so has our giving.  So has our ministry.

For every dollar donated, UUSGS offers double that in terms of dollar value in volunteer service to the wider community.  Pretty amazing.

Generosity isn’t about funding budgets.  Generosity is faithful response to life.  Generosity is a durable declaration that selfishness does not deliver the world we seek.  Rather, we all can pitch in – offering resources and voices – to build the Beloved Community in our midst.

Almost half of our members are now supporting the shared ministry of the congregation generously through online recurring giving.  This has enabled UUSGS to smooth cashflow, to predict future income, and to evolve in the midst of public health challenges.

Many others give via personal check, bank check, Venmo, PayPal, etc.  While donations taken in these ways are every bit as valued and appreciated, they are more difficult to predict.  So… we’re asking all donors to fill out a pledge form for 2021.  (Recurring givers can do this, too, to watch your pledge progress fill up throughout the year!)

The purpose of pledges isn’t to create pressure.  Quite the opposite.  As we often say at UUSGS: Give ’til it feels good!  We want your support of this congregation’s shared ministry to feel GREAT.  So, don’t give because you have to.  Give because you believe in a Love so big that it leaves no one out.  Give because you believe in the mission and ministry of this congregation, and because you want to invest in a positive transformation of self and society.

Thank you.  Thank you for financial support of our shared ministry.  Thank you for believing.  Thank you for showing up.  Thank you for making ours – and yours – a ministry of generosity.

Rev. Jason recently sent a letter to the congregation.  You can read it HERE.